Control your EV charging with one platform

Whether you run charging stations or an eMobility service, the Everon platform allows you to manage your business.

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EV Charge app

Our white-label charging app gives your customers an easy and quick way to charge.
  • Give your customers one of the most user-friendly and complete EV charge apps available.

  • Find or filter your charge points with ease, start and stop your charging sessions, see tariffs, and pay directly from inside the app.

  • Apply your own branding to make your customers feel at home.

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Business Portal

Manage effectively

See the status of charging stations in real-time across multiple locations and immediately see where any action is required

Monitor performance

Gain real-time insights into the performance of individual charging sites, EVs' usage patterns, and drivers

Control costs

Control the use and total cost of your charging infrastructure


Everon is flexible and scalable, this means there is no limit to the amount of users, cards, or stations you can manage.

  • White-labelled, brand it to make your customers feel at home
  • Available in 20 languages to serve your international customer base
  • Flexible access, stations and cards management for all users on all levels

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Connect any station

Connect stations that meet the latest OCPP standards.. Once connected, publish the station and make it available for drivers from other networks.

Create your own network

Add new roaming partners via an Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) and create your own roaming network. Ensure a seamless customer experience by helping your customers charge at multiple networks with the same charging card.

Billing management

Choose the billing process that fits your business needs so that your customers will only receive one bill.

  • Our billing system is built with local VAT rulings in mind to ensure a hassle free financial administration.
  • Our billing API allows you to send invoices through your own ERP/invoicing system. This API can be integrated with any third-party ERP system, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Exact.

Station Management

Remote station management

Operate and manage stations remotely. Set up technical configurations such as;  location, initiate remote firmware updates and remote resets.

Session Control

Remotely start or stop a charging sessions.

Smart charging

Dynamic load balancing

Dynamic load balancing

Offer your customers the option to optimize the charging capacity and charging speed using our Smart Charging capabilities. This includes functions such as charge prioritization based on the site, based on local energy production, or on the station user.

Charging profiles

Charging profiles

Create charging schedules day-by-day to manage your stations’ energy consumption, whether it be to limit grid capacity or fluctuating energy prices.

Demand response

Demand response

Send new instructions to charging stations through OpenADR, reduce the load when electric contingencies are a threat to the supply-demand balance.

Manage your EV business

  • Set up subscription plans and create a business model that serves different customer types. The platform can be used to create plans for both public and private charging cards, choose from annual to monthly and distinguish between consumer and business plans.
  • Set tariffs that cover the electricity costs or create a proft. Choose to charge based on transaction fee,  kWh or duration.

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The industry won’t be the same tomorrow, so don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with us. We are happy to guide your thinking and help you with generating a great plan.

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Adheres to open standards
  • Built to scale
  • Data driven

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