Introducing Business Portal: Charging Insights


Today, we’re excited to announce Business Portal — an analytics-powered dashboard for your customers that operate sites or run fleets. It enables business owners to monitor and optimize their EV charging infrastructure, from identifying charging trends to tracking lease driver expenses.

Business Portal makes it easy to:

  • Get a direct overview of stations, monitor their health and troubleshoot directly from the dashboard

  • Gain insights in energy consumption and revenue generated

  • Gain insights in consumption, cost and charging behavior

  • Monitor the driver onboarding progress

  • Filter and export transaction data

Business Portal allows your customers to manage all of their charging stations from one place. The design is clean and optimized for intuitive use. Business Portal gives you control of the customer journey and increases infrastructure knowledge.

EV infrastructure efficiency and cost management is crucial for building a sustainable business model. That’s why we’ve created a solution that allows you to track key metrics and learn valuable insights.

Discovering Business Portal

Five functions within Business Portal:

  1. Sites - Dashboard: Monitor the status and financial performance of charging sites.

  2. Sites - Insights: Get actionable insights. Find out your busiest time of the day and how much revenue is made per mobility provider.

  3. Fleets - Dashboard: See where drivers are in their onboarding and proactively support them.

  4. Fleets - Insights: Understand charging activity and learn which drivers cost the most to the company, to which service provider is the most expensive.

  5. Driver management: Manage driver details such as reimbursement rates, the enablement of public charing, and charge cards.

Getting started with Business Portal

If you’re an Everon customer you can offer Business Portal to your customers today. Business Portal gives your customers the tools they need to stay in complete control of their EV fleet and charging infrastructure. Stay tuned for new features.

You can contact us to learn more about Business Portal.