Passing the Eichrecht test


You’ve heard about calibration law as a particularly relevant topic in electric mobility. So today we’re excited to announce that we support selected Eichrecht compliant station models from ABL and Mennekes in Everon.

Why does calibration matter to electric mobility?

Every electric car driver must be able to verify how much electricity they used at a station and be able to trust that this value was measured correctly. To do that, drivers must have access to the kilowatt-hours value of the energy they use and be able to validate its correct measurement.

The topic of calibration law doesn’t play a big role for a wall box at home, because electricity used here is normally paid by the consumers themselves. However, if invoicing goes through a third party, such as charging a company car at home or at a public charging station, that charging station must correctly record all the data. In addition, the charging station will also have a unique public key have a unique public key that’s needed for validation together with the signed meter values. Validation is done using an independent tool (for example, Transparenz software by S.A.F.E Initiative) that is in accordance with the Eichrecht legislation.

This ensures that EV drivers can reliably check how much electricity they consumed at what time and at which station. In practice, Eichrecht requires each charging station to have a certified energy meter that correctly measures energy. The station must encrypt the energy readings so they can’t be modified later by a third party. Once the charging session is complete, Everon saves all relevant transaction data to our own internal data storage where it can be fetched at a later point.

So what did we do?

We made it easy for you to get the signature data your customers require to perform a calibration check. This functionality and data are only shown for charging transactions on Eichrecht-compliant charging stations which are authorized.

What’s next?

Since there’s no one common standard for the messaged format used by the different station manufacturers, the Everon platform isn’t automatically compatible with all Eichrecht-compliant charging stations. Each new station model needs to be separately integrated and tested. At the moment Everon provides compatibility for the following Eichrecht station models:

  • ABL eMH3 (AC)

  • ABL eMC2 (AC)

  • Mennekes Amedio (AC)

We’re integrating new Eichrecht-compatible models on an ongoing basis and will provide support for more models in the future. While our current focus is on AC stations, we will also test with Eichrecht compliant DC stations when they become available.

We’re happy to help and would like to hear from you about which stations you’d like us to support next. Why trust us? We’re Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging platform. 

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