Everon's commitment to GDPR


At Everon, we work hard to meet GDPR standards. Our future-proof products and services now follow strict processes and procedures to both respect consumers' data privacy and comply with personal data regulations around the world. Even though GDPR is a European law, it has an impact on privacy around the world. Therefore, we are committed to protecting you and your customers’ personal data, whatever the location.  

On this page you will find not only what we do to meet GDPR requirements, but also how you can manage and enforce your rights with us.

Your Data Privacy Rights

We are committed to protecting the personal data of all of our customers. You can delete, correct, export and ask any questions relating to your data. Please complete this form for further queries about your data.

Principles We Follow

We adhere to the following principles and aim to ensure:

  • Privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default;
  • Transparency, with regard to the use of data;
  • Any data processing is lawful, fair and necessary for a specific purpose;
  • All data is accurate, kept up to date and removed when no longer necessary;
  • All data is kept safely and secure

Eichrecht, The German Calibration Law

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Training and Awareness

Everon employees take part in security and privacy trainings from the moment they join the organization.

As part of our onboarding, privacy and security courses are mandatory, these sessions include compulsory tests for each chapter. Afterwards we conduct yearly team-focused sessions with and

Compliance Toolkit

We advocate our developers follow a GDPR Compliance Toolkit with all the required guidelines to develop future-proof, secure and privacy-compliant solutions. They follow a set of data rules including:

  • Minimisation
  • Anonymisation
  • Sharing
  • Access
  • Retention
  • Subject rights



At Everon our security team treats your (personal) data with the utmost importance. For this reason, we are implementing an information security management system that will be ISO 27001:2013 certified.

This means we can to limit access to your personal data, we encrypt your data at rest and in transit. We provide security awareness training to help everyone understand the importance of security and act upon it.



Suppliers who process personal data on our behalf are monitored and requested to provide details of their state of compliance with the GDPR and international security standards. If they meet the privacy standards, we agree to contractual agreements (especially if there is cross-border transfer of data).

A new supplier will not be approved unless we know they comply with high standards for personal data protection and security.


Privacy Management System

We have designed a Privacy Management System, including a set of processes, procedures and registers to help you comply with GDPR requirements


Contact Us

If you want to check how we process your data, please review our privacy policy here.

Our Data Protection Officer is also available for questions. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.