The workout for your brain


Every month we host a IQ workout, a meeting in which the whole company can put their work aside for 1 hour and learn. Every month three colleagues get the chance to share their knowledge on any given topic.

The sessions used to take place in our beloved EVCafe but since March it has moved to an online format. Through a Zoom call we gather virtually and set aside some time to understand our teams passions.


It all started one and a half years ago, when Rômulo & Thiago felt they could learn from each other and wanted to share their knowledge and expertise. They started off with short presentations for a handful of people, mainly topics in the area of technology. Later, it developed as more colleagues joined and the genre of topics became broader. Now we often have an audience of up to 40 people per session.

“We created the IQ workout as a respectful and open place where people can share their latest projects and views. I’m happy to see how these sessions evolved from the initial idea into what it is now. With the enthusiasm of our participants I’m sure it will continue to give us all a lot of joy and inspiration.”

Rômulo Jovelli, Software Engineer Back-end & Founder of the IQ workout sessions.

“Back in the days we did not have many engaged people in the IQ workout so I started looking into how the session was organized and saw that it could improve. I took the lead on this. By using my experience on running meetups and recurrent design critique sessions I came up with a more dynamic and tempting environment where professionals from all departments came to participate and contribute.”

Thiago Vieira, UX Designer & Founder of the IQ workout sessions

At any given IQ workout you can expect to learn about cyber security, software development, coding, marketing, eMobility; or hobbies. Our speakers have been talking about threat modelling, Istio, branding, languages, multiculturalism and even an EV road trip to Germany. We’ve had book review from “Accelerate” and “Lateral thinking”, as well as a workshop on “Lightning decision jam”.

The IQ workout sessions are a great way to bring our colleagues together, learn and most of all: have fun!