REVOLUTION Digital 2020


A global pandemic hasn’t stopped REVOLUTION, one of Europe’s leading eMobility events. 31st of March marked their first ever web event, REVOLUTION Digital. It was the perfect disruption for our day and delivered insights, trends and innovations into the world of eMobility. In two hours we looked at the path to zero-emission future and studied the opportunities as well as the barriers for the European EV charging market.

More than 1200 people tuned in from all over the world to see Roger Atkins open the show, and Everon was present to watch the whole show. Here’s our recap.

Key takeaways

We’re still at the end of the beginning of eMobility adoption but if we compare it to a decade ago there’s much to be proud of:

  • We’ve gone from an era of direct purchase subsidies to one where broader policy mechanisms, like the EU fleet-wide CO2 targets, are really driving adoption.

  • Increasing performance, such as adding more range to EVs, was key before. Now the focus is on reducing prices, making eMobility even more accessible.

  • Passenger vehicles were the center of attention in the ‘10s, whereas now we’re starting to see many more segments where electrification is taking place

The question whether eMobility was going to take off has been a public debate for a long time due to a period of supply uncertainty. It was unclear which automakers were going to have an electrification program. Now we know, all of them will. The real question shifted to the when and where; it’s all about demand – which segments, cities and countries are going to electrify next? With the 2030-emission-free targets, Amsterdam is one of them.

“Infrastructure was seen as a hurdle in 2010, whereas now in 2020 we see it as an opportunity” – Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport Bloomberg NEF.

After a period of focusing on enablement, public charging and reducing costs, eMobility will eventually be part of the energy system.

ChargeUp Europe was announced!

ChargeUp Europe is an EV charging infrastructure industry alliance established by ChargePoint, Allego and the EVBox Group (EVBox & Everon) to create one voice, working with European policy makers. Together we want to identify the policies and investments needed to facilitate the scale and volume of electric vehicles expected to come onto the EU market, ensuring a seamless charging experience for EV drivers.

It is an exciting time for the eMobility industry. This and more is available on the REVOLUTION YouTube channel. Here you can find content from previous years as well as the full REVOLUTION Digital event recording from March 31st. Catch the full event here:

REVOLUTION doesn’t stop here! This was a digital version, the full event is taking place: on September 8th, 2020. It’s going to be revolutionary, with leaders and industry pioneers sharing the stage, such as Thomas Ulbrich (Volkswagen), Giovanni Palazzo (Electrify America, EV advocate Chelsea Sexton and more.

Everon will be present as a sponsor again. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!