The new Everon


The EV market is growing and changing – so are we. Today we launch the rebranded Everon, the start of our new future.


What’s new?

The Everon logo, icon, colors, typeface and imagery have all been changed. Our brand has evolved into something with movement, a platform built for the future, focused on delivery. We’ve switched shades of black and baby blue for electric mints and dark navies, to represent our innovative qualities. Gone is our old logo, now replaced with an icon that echoes our name. The E and O are connected through a vibrant transition of color. Along with momentum channel control through pipe graphics and modern imagery. Elsewhere, we use other details to demonstrate our vision:


“We see a future where transport is emission free, self-driven and intelligently connected.”

Why now?

Everon started as spin off project, an investigation into the management of EV charging. It’s now a global platform built by a team of passionate individuals. As a group, we feel our company has a purpose. We drive sustainable mobility by offering a data-driven, EV charging management platform, enabling our clients to run competitive and sustainable businesses. What makes us different? Everon is a global player. We believe in an interconnected, customizable landscape. Innovation shapes our services.

What’s next?

You can expect more communication and content from us! This rebrand is our new impetus, it marks the start of more deliveries and more features with a seamless experience. You can expect training guides to company news, emails and more. At Everon, we help you create your own charging infrastructure.

We offer the software platform your organization needs to get started and run a sustainable EV charging business.

Let’s discuss your business ideas

Our team exists because the market needs innovation. The industry won’t be the same tomorrow – this is an electrical frontier. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with us. We are happy to guide your thinking and help you with generating a great business plan.

  • Hardware Agnostic

  • Adheres to Open Standards

  • Scalable Platform

  • GDRP Compliant

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Whether you have a question about features, pricing, careers or anything else, our team is ready to help. Just tell us what you'd like to know.

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