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Change is inevitable, growth is optional

Our team has passed the 100+ members mark! We’ve been recruiting throughout 2019 and as of today we stand at 128. That’s 128 people building the EV charging management platform of the future. In October 2019 we broke the 100 barrier and this year we show no sign of slowing down. We’d like to take this opportunity to take a look at our team and how we aim to grow in the future.

Key takeaways

  • Female representation in the overall team continues to be a focus point for us

  • We have an international team but can still improve our diversity

  • We are closer to gender equality with our management

When we see these numbers, our reaction is to benchmark them, for example 38% of the global workforce is women, 25% of the global tech workforce is women and in Amsterdam, where our headquarters is based there is 176 nationalities. We can spin the data into a positive or negative.

Benchmarking doesn’t help when our goal is innovation. Everon is a company committed to equal opportunities, we want to hire people from all sorts of backgrounds and perspectives. People with a proactive attitude – a drive to change the future of mobility. We will continue to build a team that represents a global perspective one hire at a time.

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