EV management for utility companies.
A scalable platform for
EV charging

Integrate e-mobility with your current offering and expand your business model for utilities. Everon’s EV charging management platform enables you to offer services in managing, operating and monitoring charging stations as well as charge cards.

Utility companies using the Everon platform can offer reliable energy services to EV drivers, therefore increasing demand for electric charging. With the innovative data-driven solutions that Everon provides, utilities can manage and optimize their charging stations based on the charging profiles of their drivers.

Hardware Agnostic
Strengthen your brand
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Our platform is built on
open standards

We believe that open standards are crucial for the fast adoption of EV charging. Everon supports open standards on roaming (OCPI), station management (OCPP) and demand response (OpenADR). Your customers can choose between a variety of charge stations, can use their charge card on multiple charge networks and are able to participate in demand response programs.


Our platform is built on
open standards

The Everon EV charging platform is fully equipped for utility companies to control the energy grid. You control the charging patterns of your customers: we fully support the Open ADR communication protocol and enable you to push charging schedules.


How will your customers benefit from Everon?

With the Everon platform, utility companies can offer a seamless customer experience as well as services to charge points built with any hard- or software

  • Seamless onboarding into the EV charging environment on desktop and through mobile aplications.

  • Reliable, stable and scalable; our platform is responsive and adheres to the highest security standards.

  • Charging schedules can be set up by the customers themselves or by the utility company. Either way, your customer will benefits from time of use tariffs.

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Our platform is scalable and flexible to
meet your business needs.

Hardware Agnostic

Hardware agnostic

We accommodate a wide range of options; connect any station that meets OCPP standards, making it part of your service.


White label

Customize your view and implement your companies branding. Choose main colors and upload your logo.


Smart charging

Create charging schedules to manage your stations’ energy consumption, whether it be to limit grid capacity or fluctuating energy prices, you have full contro



We are an international platform. Operate your account in one of 20 different languages currently available.


Use Cases

Workplace charging


Organizations with visitors and employees that drive EVs, or that have EV service vehicles that need to charge on site.

Home charging


Serve EV drivers who have their charging stations deployed at home and as a utility, increase the adoption.

Public charging

Public charging

Provide smart energy solutions to all the charging stations located in your service area and protect the grid from overload.

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  • Hardware agnostic

  • Adheres to open standards

  • Built to scale

  • Data driven

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